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River Severn

Page history last edited by rogbi200 15 years, 3 months ago

Welcome to JDRN's WIKI, if you are joining us from the brilliant River Severn tour on the Woodlands School Website.

We are a Year four class at Bilton Grange School, near Rugby in Warwickshire, UK. Our Blog can be read here.


We have been studying the River Severn as part of our rivers topic, and below are some notes that we have found really useful.


First let's see the route of the river.


Here's a website all about the river.


On MapSkip, I have linked some videos to places on the river


This link talks about some River Processes.


The Staffordshire Learning Net has a useful page with an activity about the Upper, Middle and Lower courses.


And the Woodlands School site has a fantastic new section all about the River Severn, with loads of information and pictures.




Places on the River


Llanidloes- a market town in the upper course


Shrewsbury- historic town in the loop of the river


Ironbridge- birthplace of industry


Severn Valley Railway- Bridgnorth to Kidderminster


Worcester- cricket and cathedral!


Tewkesbury- including a 'model' of the flooded town!


Gloucester- Cathedral city and Roman roots


Here's a page giving live Weather readings from Gloucester


Severn Bore- a tidal phenomenon!


Severn Bridges- linking England and Wales


QUIZ about the River Severn


Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.


Teachers TV has a very good video: Seven Severn snapshots. It's 15 minutes long.


This newspaper asked one of their reporters to travel down the Severn from Source to Sea after the great floods of July 2007


The BBC site shows which areas were affected by the great flood of 2007


Some more photos of the Severn can be seen on this page.


I've made these Videos, flying down the river from Source to Sea:


River Severn: Source to Sea Part 1 from rogbi200 on Vimeo.


River Severn- Source to Sea part 2 from rogbi200 on Vimeo.


Someone posted their School Project about the River Severn to YouTube. 


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Someone else made this video about the Floods in July 2007


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Here's a Timelapse Video of Day turning to night by the Severn Bridges:


Panning timelapse, Severn Estuary from Lobster Pictures on Vimeo.


Finally, all about Sabrina and the River Severn.



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